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Dr. Ivan A. Sanchez
Your Redondo Beach Chiropractor

"I've been going to Dr. Ivan and Sabrina during my pregnancy I'm 24 weeks and have been getting a lot of lower back pain due to my position at work. They have been very detailed during the whole process of adjustments. I heard about using the kinesiology tape to help with pain and discomfort so I asked if they did that there and they were just both amazing at showing me how to apply it and even showed my mother a technique she can do to help me out in between my visits. I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Ivan and Sabrina they are very professional and both very sweet."

~ Mirna G.

"The true value and importance of continuing chiropractic care had previously never been necessary for me until after my car accident four years ago that completely totaled my car. Dr. Sanchez treated the lower back pain that I had immediately following my accident.  He took the time to take X-rays, examine my injury, and follow up with the proper care to treat my injury without painkillers.  My injury is now fully healed, and I continue to see him and his wife regularly for adjustments.  

Dr. Sanchez and Quinene have been nothing but true professionals in their field, and I have referred all my family and friends to their newly renovated office in Redondo Beach.  They are both amazing doctors.  For any chiropractic and massage therapy needs, you will not be disappointed!."

~ Sergio M.

"Was referred to Dr. Sanchez by a friend because I was having a lot of pain & trouble walking after my broken leg was healed. After seeing him for a couple of weeks I went on vacation and was able to go hiking every day without any problems or pain. He also helped me when I pulled something in my lower back. He is definitely the best, very gentle & caring"

~ Linda K.

"Dr.Sanchez and his staff are professional and helpful. I come here every week for all issues in regards to my body. Their message therapist helps me every Saturday as well. Within one session, the pain in my shins was able to be alleviated. I highly recommend coming here!."

~ Jonathan G.

"Dr. Quinene is a great profissional and helped so much with my back after my car accident. Now, I get my back adjusted regularly with her and Dr. Sanchez, which helps a lot with the craziness of my everyday life. I definitely recommend their services!."

~ Vanessa A.

"Dr. Sanchez's services are quite honestly the epitome of gold standard patient care. He addressed and resolved issues I was having with my neck by providing the most gentle and effective adjustments. I'm truly impressed not only by his work, but his charismatic presence and high quality care. In a heart beat, I would return for his services!"

~ Robyn N.

"I am not the type to write reviews good or bad. However, after having lower back paid due to a rear end car accident. I was compelled to write my very first Yelp review. After going to an orthopedic MD, who prescribed drugs to numb the pain and did very little for my back problems.  I was curious if a chiropractor could help. I decided on Dr. Ivan Sanchez to due his 5 star rating and location. Dr. Sanchez is charismatic, caring and professional.  After 10 treatments I am pleased to say I am pain free.  Now, I'm a big believer in the practice and I will continue to get alignments for my over all health. Thanks Dr. Sanchez!"

~ Adrian R.

"Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Quinene are one of the most passionate and caring pairs of chiropractors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are both incredibly intelligent and go out of their way to provide you with personalized care, not to mention they give amazing adjustments. I highly recommend their care, you will definitely be in great hands."

~ Monique M.

"I love Arc of Life. Dr. Q and the rest of the staff are always so welcoming and they really care about your health. The office is clean and comfortable, set up for a smooth easy visit. Dr. Quinine and Dr. Sanchez work together as a team to provide you with the best chiropractic care in all of the South Bay. They are always there to answer questions and give advice. They listen to what you have to say in order to personalize each adjustment. I notice a huge difference in my body if I go longer than 6 days without an adjustment. If you are thinking of seeing a chiropractor, the Arc of Life office is where you should go. It's easier to prevent than cure so see someone before it's too late!"

~ Trina B.

"I'm an avid fitness enthusiast who has been going thru some ovarian problems/reoccurring ovarian cyst which causes indescribable pains especially on my lower back . During my vacation in SoCal I was in a lot of pain and After a visit with Dr.Sabrina I felt renewed. She also adjusted my two year old daughter and was so gentle with her . She made it into a game and my daughter was enjoying her adjustment and was very relaxed. We will definitely be coming back to see her."

~ Mary K.

"Dr. Ivan Sanchez is a great chiropractor that is passionate about his work as well as his patients. He genuinely wants to improve the well being of his patients and will do anything he can to make that possible. I highly recommend him as he will give you the best care."

~ Amy T 


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