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Back Pain Relief from Our Redondo Beach Chiropractor

Arc Life Chiropractic specializes in providing the best Chiropractic care for back pain and other ailments that require treatment for individuals of all ages. We proudly provide an array of services to best fit our patients needs.

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Back Pain Treatment at Arc of Life Chiropractic 

We use a variety of techniques to address back pain, including massage therapy, corrective exercises and individualized treatment plans. Our Chiropractic care includes adjustments and corrective measures for the spine. Our doctors take great care in utilizing the latest techniques to ensure the highest of care for every patient. Our overall goal is to keep our patients healthy and pain-free.

Massage therapy is very effective for alleviating pain and safe rehabilitation. We also provide these services for patients who are pregnant. This natural treatment has many benefits and advantages toward leading a healthy, pain-free life.

Education for Quality Care

Dr. Ivan & Sabrina Sanchez both educate our patients on maintenance and care. They teach our patients how to correctly perform exercises that can soothe pain and keep the back healthy. Every exercise is designed to target those problem areas that need relief, such as the back, neck, headaches and other ligaments. These exercises can be done at home to enhance the prescribed treatment plan while working to improve the current quality of life.

Our patients are important. That’s why we design each treatment plan to address specific symptoms and conditions that are causing the pain. The doctors always incorporate lifestyle advice into these treatment plans to make sure they avoid activities that further aggravate injuries and help them prep for instances where they run the risk of pulling a muscle or putting too much strain on the back or neck areas.

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