Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries in Redondo Beach

Unfortunately, auto accidents are a fact of life. If you spend a great deal of time driving for work or family activities, you are increasing your risk for being involved in an auto accident of some type. These incidents can leave both drivers and passengers with a variety of different injuries, including but not limited to whiplash, back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain or frequent headaches. Here at Arc of Life Chiropractic we  can help to relieve the discomfort from these injuries and help you to return to full health and function. We accept "Medical Payment" or "Med Pay" on your auto insurance with no questions asked. If you are are uncertain if you have this coverage give us a call and we can verify for you. In the case if an attorney is needed we work with the finest attorneys that typically get you 30% if not more then if you were to handle the case yourself. So don't wait if you are in pain because the sooner you get in the quicker you will heal. 

Auto accident

Chiropractic Treatment after an Auto Accident

A chiropractor in Redondo Beach can do a thorough analysis of your condition and design an individualized chiropractic care plan to correct problems in alignment that affect the function of your body. Problems such as whiplash can be treated with hot or cold packs, massage, special exercises and manual adjustment to relieve pressure on affected tissue and nerves. Back pain responds well to adjustment and massage to improve circulation and function. Related conditions can be addressed with specific treatments to relieve discomfort and extend range-of-motion. Your chiropractor will determine the best treatments for your needs and can provide ongoing care to help you maintain optimum health.

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Dr. Ivan Sanchez, Dr. Sabrina Sanchez, and the staff at Arc of Life Chiropractic take great pride in providing superior care for their patients in Redondo Beach, CA and surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive exams, diagnostic services, manual adjustments, massage therapy, exercise, and lifestyle counseling to reduce pain and improve function. We also provide pregnancy chiropractic care and breast thermography to maximize women’s health. We treat a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, auto accident injuries, sports injuries and work injuries. Call Arc of Life Chiropractic today at (310) 379-3230 for an appointment to discuss how chiropractic care can relieve discomfort from auto accident injuries and other problems.